I DON'T understand.

The news is full of bush fires in Australia fuelled by climate change. Our government has declared a climate emergency. Northumberland County Council has declared a climate emergency. Hexham Town Council has declared a climate emergency.

Hadrian Learning Trust oversees a curriculum teaching climate change. Last week the Courant (Courant, January 9) reported that Mr Stanley from Queen Elizabeth High School has become a United Nations accredited climate change teacher.

Pupils are striking for urgent action on our climate emergency.

So why has the new decade started with the approval of a new build school, costing £36m that is not low carbon and climate resilient, built for generations to come. Our children have the right to ask, why not?

It’s amazing that this investment is being made but I am disappointed with the lack of vision, commitment and boldness of the scheme. This is a perfect opportunity for Mr Atkins, Hadrian Learning Trust, and Northumberland County Council to prove to everyone that they are serious about climate change and reducing Northumberland’s carbon footprint.

Only two weeks ago, council leader Peter Jackson and Coun. Cath Homer were in this paper talking about the hydro power proposal and the council's "commitment to get to net carbon zero by 2030".

Will this turn out like the new flagship hospital at Cramlington, which I was shocked to discover has a poor energy rating of F?

One Northumberland county councillor said last week, "next time".

It’s not too late. Make it this time.