IT is with concern that I read that, despite our Prime Minister’s statement that his Government is going to support the regions, this does not extend to rescinding the cuts to county council budgets.

The cuts will continue with, and I quote from the Northumberland County Council website: “Savings in excess of £9m have been identified to balance the budget for 2020-21 and in total savings over the medium term in excess of £16m have so far been identified.

“Local government is still operating in a period of financial uncertainty brought about by a combination of significant budget pressures in social care; special educational needs; disability services; and, other pressures arising from demographic changes and pay and price inflation.”

The first area of cuts are the libraries.

The only way to influence where the cuts to public services are made is by making our voices heard.

We can do this now. Consultations are going on now through the county council website. Lobby your county councillor – set up a petition.

We need to act.

Once our libraries have gone it will very hard to get them back.