A ROMAN fort along Hadrian's Wall has been gifted to the public.

Carrawburgh Roman Fort has belonged to the family of Jennifer Du Cane since 1950 but she has gifted the fort, situated between Chesters and Housesteads, to English Heritage.

Near to the site is a Roman temple at Brocolitia built by the fort's soldiers and dedicated to Mithras, an eastern god who was believed to have captured and killed a primeval bull in a cave.

Jennifer Du Cane said: “It has been a great privilege but also a serious responsibility to own Carrawburgh Roman Fort. The time has come to pass on this amazing site as a gift to the nation.”

Carrawburgh is the first site of its type acquired by English Heritage since the body was made a charity by the Government in 2015.

Kate Mavor, English Heritage’s chief executive, said: “This is a great start to the new year, not only for English Heritage but for the nation who will get to enjoy this wonderfully evocative site on what was once the edge of the Roman empire.”