CELEBRATIONS took place across Tynedale last week to mark the beginning of 2020.

In Allendale, New Year’s Eve was marked as always by the Tar Bar’ls festival.

Hundreds turned out for the fiery event, which has been a mainstay in the village for generations.

The flaming spectacular sees a group of men, known as guisers parade around the Market Square, carrying flaming barrels on their heads.

At midnight, the barrels are used to ignite the ceremonial bonfire, as the assembled crowds shout “Be dammed to he who throws last.”

In Haydon Bridge, crowds of partygoers turned out for the spectacular firework display, which took place for the fifth successive year.

Pubs emptied from 11pm on New Year’s Eve, as people made their way on to the new bridge, which was closed to traffic, and made for a perfect vantage point.

Despite cold and foggy conditions, the colourful fireworks lit up the night sky, and were enjoyed by people of all ages.

Once again, the event was organised by the volunteer-led community group, the Get It Together Society.

Moving into New Year’s Day, Ponteland’s annual wheelbarrow race attracted a bumper crowd once again.

The tradition has been going for 700 years and is now organised by Ponteland Rugby Club and the 41 Club.

Every year, proceeds from the race are donated to Tynedale Hospice at Home and St Oswald’s Hospice.