A HELIPAD built without planning permission can remain in place, after councillors approved a retrospective application.

The landing site with a concrete base was built near a public bridleway close to a quarry at Doddend, Allenheads.

Allendale Parish Council had contacted Northumberland County Council, concerned that it had not been consulted over the helipad.

However, councillors approved the plans at the Tynedale Local Are Council meeting on Tuesday.

Agent Maria Ferguson, speaking on behalf of the applicant Jeremy Herrmann, said the helipad had been built because of poor landing conditions for helicopters with no hardstanding base.

She said: “The fact this material cannot be ripped up by the rotor blades movement will make the footpath safer.

Allendale Parish Council had raised concerns over the ecological and visual effect the helipad would have on the surrounding area.

But Miss Ferguson said: “The helicopter pad is visual from the footpath, but only in its immediate vicinity, near the Doddend quarry.

“It simply can’t be seen from further afield and can’t be said to have an impact on the wider Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

The county council carried out an assessment of the works, which found it had an acceptable impact on the surrounding area.