RESIDENTS in Corbridge are being urged to have their say on the future of their library service.

The upcoming consultation on the future of the library service in Northumberland was brought up at last month’s meeting of Corbridge Parish Council.

Northumberland County Council is due to launch a 12-week consultation on its library services.

It comes as it plans to cut £200,000 from its budget for library services over the next three years and it hopes to create a more sustainable model, taking into account the growing focus on online services.

Coun. Liz Buckley said people should submit their comments when the consultation begins, to ensure Corbridge’s voice was heard.

“If we lost that particular facility it would be a great shame,” she said.

Coun. Graham Curry said: “One thing I am concerned about is the potential loss of the tourist information centre. It was implied that the reason they got rid of the tourist information centre in Wentworth car park was because visitors are arriving already with their information.”

However, Coun. Nick Oliver pointed out that Corbridge lost its tourist information centre several years ago, however the library staff are often happy to help with tourism inquiries.

Northumberland County Council has not announced the date it will launch the consultation.