TYNEDALE’S very own Kielder Forest has a proud history, spanning almost 20 years, of supplying the Christmas trees which take pride of place at the home of British politics in London.

Since the year 2000, Forestry England have supplied the tree which takes pride of place in the capital at New Palace Yard, next to the Elizabeth Tower.

This year’s offering is a Sitka Spruce which stands at approximately 52ft tall and grew in the Kielder wilderness for 45 years before it was selected to become one of the most photographed Christmas trees in the country.

The main specimen was accompanied by two other Kielder trees, also Sitka Spruces, measuring in at 25ft and 20ft for Westminster Hall and the Speaker’s apartment.

And the directors of a North Tyne haulage firm have had the honour of transporting the trees for as long as they can remember.

Robert Scott, who runs R & H Scott and SGS Timber Haulage Limited from a base in Stonehaugh, personally delivered the trees almost two weeks ago.

The journey has something of a tradition for Robert and business partner, Peter Gilbertson.

“I must have done the journey for the last 12 or 13 years, but Peter and his wife Gill drove it down as a two-man team before that,” explained Robert, who made this year’s delivery on Saturday, November 23.

“It was loaded on to the wagon by two trucks on the Thursday and we secured the smaller trees in the yard, before doing the final checks.

“I set off on the Friday and stopped on the outskirts of London ready for and early delivery in time 6am on the Saturday morning.

“I can’t afford to be late because the have a big crane waiting.”

Once on site, the main tree was lifted into place with the crane and secured down for before the lights and a star was put on top.

The smaller two trees were carried into place with the use of a small indoor crane.

But Robert, Peter and their drivers are no strangers to making such special deliveries.

They also transport a tree from Kielder to Hexham Market Place, donated by Hexham-based manufacturing firm Egger, free of charge each Christmas.