MORE than half of postcodes in Northumberland are predicted to see house prices rise with the upcoming general election and Brexit looming.

House selling forecast tool PropCast has analysed the performance of 5,223 property sales across the county’s 16 postcode districts to identify which are the strongest and weakest property markets.

The online tool has revealed 56.3 per cent of Northumberland’s postcode districts are showing resilience despite political uncertainty, predicting them to see house prices rise in the next few months. The areas expected to see price rises include Stamfordham, Riding Mill, Stocksfield and Corbridge.

Meanwhile, those which are likely to see a price drop include Byrness, Prudhoe, Acomb and Falstone.

PropCast said these figures showed where buyers were most willing to pay the prices house sellers were currently asking.

The tool measures buyer demand levels across England and Wales to inform sellers whether their homes will be easy to sell or not, and if their asking prices are realistic.

Gavin Brazg, founder of PropCast, said “Although the majority of Northumberland just retain the upper hand despite Brexit uncertainty, sellers still need to position their asking price competitively against other similar properties for sale if you want to attract multiple offers and achieve the best possible price.”