MEMBERS of the Fourstones and Newbrough community have identified ways to tackle climate change in their local area.

In a first meeting earlier this month, a community climate action group received support and enthusiasm from both local parish councils, Friends of the Earth and Transition Tynedale.

The group agreed that issues surrounding transport, community buildings, land, the environment and individual carbon impacts were paramount for debate.

Each member recorded their ideas by stating current issues of climate change, and how they can be resolved at a local level.

Tackling issues around transport, members identified the expansion of electric car charging points, sharing fossil fuel-powered cars and a campaign for Newbrough railway station.

In the community section, members pleaded for better information about energy-saving supplies of insulation, solar power, and oil deliveries.

On environmental issues, the group supported encouraging better woodland management, including planting more trees with help from the Woodland Trust.

Members also appealed for a walking group to school, better information about recycling plastics and a local composting strategy.

The group will next meet on January 13 at Newborough Town Hall.