With reference to the article in the Courant (November 14) regarding the Gosforth-based law firm of Savage Silk taking over the former TIC building at Wentworth.

I am afraid that while the creation of two full-time and four part-time jobs is a positive step, the fact that we are having yet another legal practice does not add to the variety of shops we so desperately need in Hexham.

There are far too many businesses already in the field of legal practice, finance, estate agents, etc, in the town and we should not be adding to that list.

I fully agree with the comments made by Coun. Anne Dale that the moving of the TIC from Wentworth to the Queen's Hall library was a negative move despite its supporters saying it would 'boost digital tourism service'.

The old TIC was in the perfect position adjacent to the Wentworth car park where visitors to the town could see immediately where to go for their tourist information, not having to climb up the bank into the town centre to find it!

As a former museum officer and archaeologist who has worked with local authority TIC and ETB centres in the area, I fail to understand the reasoning behind Northumberland County Council's decision to move the operation to Beaumont Street and I am disappointed that Coun. Cath Homer and others are supporting this current application.

Some time ago, the Farplace Animal Rescue Centre, based in Weardale, applied for permission to use the building but was rejected.

Since we only have one animal charity retail outlet in Hexham, surely it would have been of great benefit to have a business dedicated to animal rescue and rehabilitation rather than yet another legal and finance operation.