A LIVE horror experience was erected on a Prudhoe street this Halloween to support a young girl undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 

Wayne Bond of Castlefields Drive, spent a year designing his horror experience and rallied local businesses to help build the structure on the driveway of his home.

The effort raised over £500 for Emily’s Journey, a fund-raising campaign for Emily Rudsdale (9), from Prudhoe, who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer this July.

She is currently is undergoing chemotherapy to shrink the 13cm tumour in her liver.

Halloween-goers were trick-or-treated to a light display, and a journey through the haunted structure, which contained animated snakes, spiders and several scares as people jumped out in costume.

Police Community Support Officers were in attendance to monitor the traffic as several hundred people passed through the attraction.

Mr Bond praised the community spirit of the people of Prudhoe: “I’d be nothing without Mickley Garden Centre for the palettes and McGee’s in Prudhoe who gave me a tab for everything I bought and then wiped the bill clean for the charity.”

Jill Summers, the organizer of the fund-raiser in Emily's name, said: “Everybody’s rallied round, the likes of Wayne, Olga from the Dr Syntax, Prudhoe Bargains - they’ve all stood up and made a massive difference.”

BY Joshua Boyles