Russian Blue cat Gertie knows where she’s at – she’s now officially Britain’s best moggy.

Breeders Gwen and Paul Phillips, from Melkridge, described themselves as over the moon at the success of their homebred cat, which won the title of Supreme Olympian Silver UK Imperial Grand Champion at the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) Supreme show last week.

“It’s been my dream for over 50 years to compete in the GCCF show, because it’s the cat equivalent of Crufts, so its the best of the best,” said Gwen. “Gertie can’t do any better now. She climbed up the Olympian ladder, and is now top of her game so we’re very proud.”

For her win, Gertie was awarded a rosette, and has also become the face of the GCCF website for a year.

“It hasn’t fully sunk in,” said Paul. “We go to the show every year and we never think it’s going to be us that wins, and so it feels unreal.”