ONE of the platforms at Corbridge Railway Station is to be extended to allow new trains with more seats to stop there.

The work, which will begin on Monday, is part of a wider project to extend more than 100 platforms at some 70 stations across the North of England.

Network Rail said the work to complete the extension would not impact on train services and it was working closely with Northern to minimise any disruption to passengers as well as residents living close to the station.

Matt Rice, route director for Network Rail, said: “The Tyne Valley Line is an important one for both business and leisure travellers and extending the platform at Corbridge is a step towards allowing longer trains to use the station.

“There are no planned changes to the train service during the construction of the longer platform and our team will keep any disruption to neighbours to a minimum while this improvement is carried out.”

Anna Weeks, regional director at Northern, said: “The work being carried out by Network Rail will allow us to run better, longer trains for our customers – giving them an improved journey experience.

“We are working with Network Rail to keep disruption to a minimum and I’d like to also give my thanks to our customers for their understanding while the work takes place.”