A TEENAGER who was struggling with visual stress has made leaps of progress with her reading and writing thanks to innovative orange glasses.

Billie-Jo Storey, a former pupil of Corbridge Middle School, who lives in Consett, was struggling with her reading and writing as all of the words on the page looked jumbled and blurred.

Now the 13-year-old has been given orange classes which help block the distortions out to make the images she sees clearer and sharper.

Her mum Jen Storey said: “I know my daughter is a clever girl but she was really struggling. She said it was like a spider moving across the page when she was reading.

“Then when she was writing she could see the shapes of some letters but couldn’t get them to go on a straight line. It was like she was dizzy.”

After doing some research, Jen found optometrist Andrew Keyes at Gosforth’s Keyes Eyecare, who prescribed the coloured lenses. She added: “They have a made a huge difference. Her teachers at Corbridge Middle School could barely believe the transformation. Her reading score improved by 99 per cent from what it was.”