COUNCILLORS have raised concerns over diverted traffic creating a gridlock throughout their village.

An accident on the A69 Haydon Bridge bypass earlier this month meant traffic was at a standstill on Ratcliffe Road, Haydon Bridge, as motorists were diverted off the closed road.

Haydon parish councillor Eileen Charlton said Haydon Bridge was under constant pressure, because of the 18,000 vehicles travelling past it in a day.

“The way forward is improving the A69 to ensure there aren’t accidents and then motorists won’t be diverted through the village."

County councillor for Haydon and Hadrian Alan Sharp said diverted traffic should go along the Military Road between Greenhead and Acomb.

“Haydon Bridge is not able to take the traffic off the A69 when there’s been an accident,” he said. “Ratcliffe Road is not suited for the amount of cars and it can be dangerous.”

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said their first priority was to protect the safety of crash victims as well as any potential danger to other road users.

“This often means roads are closed and diversions are put in place.

“We understand the demand this can put on smaller road however, we work closely with partners and other emergency services to open roads as quickly as possible.”