TYNEDALE wood manufacturer Egger has implemented a new globally recognised standard.

Egger, which has a site in Hexham along with 18 other plants across the world, has expanded its due diligence system to include the standards of the new ISO 38200.

The internationally recognised standard for the product chain of wood and wood-based products regulates the transmission of information along the supply chain – from logging to delivery to the customer.

The ISO 38200 standard has been created by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and as a result of regulating the transfer of information along the whole product chain, it makes the traceability of the manufactured and finished products more transparent.

Through ISO 38200, proof of origin and legality is maintained through continuous monitoring of the supply chain.

Egger also said it helps it to present its sustainability indicators in an even more comprehensive and detailed manner.

Walter Schiegl, production and technical group director at Egger UK, said: “Forward-thinking action, which is also geared to future generations, is based on ecological, economic, and social sustainability and has always been our established practice.

“With the group-wide implementation of the ISO 38200 standard, we are setting a further step towards promoting sustainable forestry beyond meeting all legal requirements.”