A TYNEDALE furniture restorer is celebrating 40 years of trading.

Geoff Jackson, who owns Langley Furniture Works, has grown the specialist cabinet making business to leave its mark across Northumberland.

Spending his early years working in agriculture and forestry, Geoff turned to cabinet making, inspired by the grain and colour he experienced in traditional timber yards.

“At any one time we are involved in 10 to 12 different projects,” he said. “We are always keen on getting the detail and the specifics of each product and material right.”

The 14-strong team at Langley Furniture Works have a wide variety of skills, ranging from specialist cabinet makers to apprentices starting their carpentry journey, ensuring a constant transfer of specialist knowledge and heritage skills within the area.

And Geoff is keen to emphasise the team effort that has helped the business continue to grow.

“I may be the manager, but I’m really just part of the circle. Everyone is an invaluable member to the team, and vital to ensure we deliver quality products.”

In sourcing their materials, Geoff and the team favour locally sourced material where possible.

Geoff said: “We have very good connections with local sawmills who help us when we’re sourcing different materials.

“Each piece of work is so exciting because of the different amount of materials we can use.”

Doors, windows, cabinets and tables are just some of the specialist joinery the company can provide.

“I have had a great pleasure working with people for many years and now I’m training the next generation,” Geoff added.

“I am really pleased about the amount of young people coming through who want an apprenticeship instead. When we employ apprentices here they bring their quick wit, humour and contribute hugely on a valuable level.”