A MAN has been handed 240 hours of community service after he attempted to post cannabis to his brother.

Robson Stoker (29) of Old Farm Cottage, Bellingham, was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on Thursday. He had pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to supply a Class B drug, namely cannabis, at an earlier hearing.

The court heard that, on April 9 this year, Stoker entered Bellingham Post Office and purchased an envelope.

Prosecuting, Mr Michael Bunch said: "The defendant entered the post office in Bellingham and was able to purchase an envelope, which he proceeded to fill in the post office and then provided to staff.

"The envelope was addressed to an address in Blyth. It became clear that there was a significant odour coming from what was in the parcel, so they contacted the police.

"Police opened the parcel to find it contained a quantity of cannabis worth £30. There were stickers inside that read 'Northumberland Nug Smokers', a colloquial term for cannabis.

"The suspect was known to staff and was identified. He admitted that the item contained cannabis and that he intended to post it to his brother in Manchester.

"He admitted that he had paid for it and that he paid extra to get it tracked and traced through the postal service."

Stoker originally appeared at South East Northumberland Magistrates Court. However, the case was committed to crown court after Stoker denied he had conspired to supply cannabis, on the basis that his brother was unaware he was being sent the drug.

At a hearing in August at Newcastle Crown Court, Stoker pleaded guilty to attempting to supply cannabis.

Defending, Tony Cornberg said: "This was probably the least sophisticated way to smuggle cannabis.

"Literally buying the envelope in the shop where he's known, and opting to track and trace it. The background idiocy of it speaks for itself."

Judge Sarah Mallet sentenced Stoker to 240 hours community service and ordered him to complete 10 days worth of rehabilitation activities, despite acknowledging that Stoker claimed he was sending the cannabis to his brother in Manchester, but sent it to an address in Blyth.