RESIDENTS of a group of bungalows have remained defiant after plans were submitted to demolish their homes.

Karbon Homes unveiled plans to demolish the 10 bungalows at The Haven in Prudhoe in May, and replace them with family homes.

But, after a public consultation, the housing association bowed to public pressure in June, and changed their proposals to create six two-bedroom bungalows for the elderly.

Plans for the new homes and the demolition have now been submitted to Northumberland County Council, but residents still living in the flats say they won’t be going quietly.

Helen Smith, who lives in one of the flats with her husband, said: “There’s none of us that are very happy. There’s a woman that lived here for 40 years and had to move. Another lady lost two stone with worry.

“People have spent a lot of money on their homes. There’s a man living here who just moved in and had it all done.

“I’m not moving until I get what I want in terms of housing, and I’m not the only one either.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named, added: “I’m not very happy. I’ve lived here a year and a half, and I’ve decorated and had it carpeted. It’s near the shops and the buses and it’s on the flat.

“I’m not going until I get somewhere that I want to be. I’ve got trouble walking, I’m not going up any more steep banks.”

Kelly Taylor, assistant director for specialist housing at Karbon Homes, said the housing association was working with residents to rehouse them in suitable accommodation, and that it would help residents to move house.

“We have been working closely with the existing residents at The Haven to rehouse them in appropriate, accessible homes in the location of their choice,” she said.

“Currently, six of the 10 homes at The Haven remain occupied, and we are in touch with all the remaining residents about their housing preferences.

“If their preferred option is not currently available, we are happy to wait until it becomes available.

“We are keen to rehouse our residents in larger, better quality accommodation, and in Prudhoe alone we own and manage over 250 homes suitable for older residents. All those affected can be comfortably accommodated.

“Every resident will be compensated for the loss of their home, all removal costs will be paid, and we will ensure their new home is fitted with any adaptations they need, as well as being decorated and carpeted.”