A COUNTY councillor has called for improvements to a major residential street after problems with flooding.

At Stocksfield Parish Council’s October meeting, county councillor Anne Dale discussed flooding problems on New Ridley Road.

The street often has issues with excess water during heavy rainfall, with the volume of water running off the nearby land, causing problems for the outdated road gully system.

Coun. Dale explained she had submitted the problem to the area’s local transport plan, in the hope that the gullies would be improved.

The local transport plan is a county-wide initiative that allows local councils to identify their highways and transport spending priorities for the coming year. The county council will then attempt to address as many issues as possible.

“We have problems with flooding on New Ridley Road," Coun. Dale said.

“There’s a lot of water coming off the hills, which we’re not going to stop, but the gullies aren’t holding the water.

“I have put a new submission in for the local transport plan which I would like you to consider.

“The gullies are old and inadequate and they frequently block. Larger gullies are required."

And Coun. Dale called on the council to support the submission, in order to give it more weight with the county council.

She added: “It’s a big issue that’s not going to go away.

“It’s important. We have got flooding of houses because of this, so it will go on the priorities list quite high. There’s no point putting things in that we’re not going to get.”

Parish councillors agreed to support Coun. Dale’s motion.

Strategically placed dropped kerbs on New Ridley Road and a footpath from the junction of Lead Road and New Ridley Road are already among the council’s priorities for Stocksfield.