NORTHUMBERLAND’S elusive black cat has reportedly been spotted in the Tyne Valley.

Hexham resident Matthew Stokoe (23) reported seeing the animal whilst driving between Allenheads and Hexham in the early hours of Monday, September 30.

Describing the creature, Matthew said: “It was about as big as a German Shepherd, it had a massive tail and it was very muscular.

“It was the big tail, that’s what made me think it was a big cat.”

Tynedale is no stranger to reported sightings of a large, black cat.

There have been countless sightings reported over the years, although the last flurry of sightings to reach the Courant were in 2008.

Back then, reports of big cat sightings came in from Oakwood, Stocksfield, and Slaley Forest.

One resident claimed to have spotted the animal with two cubs.

Matthew continued: “It was on the road between Catton and Lowgate. It was late at night, past 12 o’clock.

“It jumped from the road straight into a bush.

“I only saw it for a few seconds, but I was only about 25 feet away from it.”