MEMBERS of the community will work together to rid the Allen Valleys of single use plastic.

Aiming for plastic free status was just one of the targets of a newly formed climate action committee dedicated to tackling climate change on a local level.

Spearheaded by Allendale Parish Council, the committee will be made up of local businesses, schools and organisations to prioritise carbon storage whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Coun. John Hill, who proposed the campaign to the parish council, said: “I met with representatives of four organisations; Sustainable Allendale, Plugging the Gaps, North Pennines AONB and The Fawside Foundation.

“We agreed the parish council could be an ideal body to provide leadership and co-ordination to ensure we make the changes that will allow us to reach our climate change goal of net contributor to carbon storage.

“As a local, democratically accountable and non-political organisation, the parish council is able to reach across the community and work to engage everyone.”

Coun. Hill highlighted existing initiatives and encouraged the development of new individual and collaborative schemes.

Initiatives already in use include recycling of toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes at Allendale Primary School, Plugging the Gaps wild plant nursery, local allotments, locally sourced food and accessible community transport.

It is hoped that a plastic free status for the Allen Valleys, as a means of tackling single use plastic, will be introduced in the future.

Additional measures include restoring natural habitats and the natural the landscape, which includes planting native trees and flowers and creating hedgerows.