PRUDHOE Town Council has agreed the town’s latest set of priorities for the county council’s local transport plan.

The annual plan sees money invested in a raft of repair, restoration and maintenance projects benefitting pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in all parts of the county.

Local councils are asked to provide three priorities each year to the council, who will attempt to complete as many of the jobs as is feasible.

At Prudhoe Town Council’s September meeting, councillors agreed its priorities for the 2020/21 local transport plan.

The first is to introduce speed reduction measures on the road to High Mickley from Mount Pleasant and Eastgate Bank.

The council are particularly keen to introduce road safety measures being introduced at the “accident black spot” at the junction between High Mickley, Hallyards and Eastgate Bank.

The council also stated that resurfacing work on Park Lane and Park Avenue in Prudhoe should be continued, while the chicanes on Castlefields Drive should be replaced with a 20mph limit.

Coun. Gerry Price backed the changes to Castlefields Drive.

He said: “I would like to propose that the removal of the chicanes and the 20mph speed limit is one of the three items.

“It’s a safety hazard. You’re out in the centre of the road before you see anything coming the other way.

“I’m surprised that highways didn’t see that problem.

“People park right up against it which extends the chicane.”

The council’s clerk, Sarah Eden, pointed out that the county council has already rejected removing the chicanes in the past.

However, the town’s mayor, Coun. Tracy Gilmore, agreed. She added: “I do think you’re right. Once that new development is built, that road is going t get a lot busier.”