Both myself and many friends in the region complained to Guy Opperman about the suspension of parliament.

Mr Opperman sent a response stating that suspension was fine.

He agreed with what has now been declared an unlawful act.

Recently, Channel 4's Tories at War featured Boris Johnson backer, hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, who mentioned he advised Boris Johnson to suspend parliament in order to force through Brexit.

Our prime minister takes instruction from a known disaster capitalist who, not only made £220m on referendum night by shorting the pound using vote leave's private exit polls, but who has placed new bets on the failure of British business, including the Royal Mail.

Odey's investment plans featured in reports by Bloomberg and The Times.

Since when may a hedge fund manager instruct a prime minister on which course to take?

Britain has taken back control only to hand it to the few who may benefit from a disastrous no-deal Brexit, leaving normal people to pick up the pieces.

Brexit allows these bankers to escape the new EU tax avoidance directive, which would increase their taxation levels.

Since 2016, I have warned Mr Opperman about the consequences of a bad Brexit deal or a no-deal for business.

I have complained about the lack of investigation into foreign interference and vote leave cheating during the referendum, especially abuse of data protection in the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

I have written to him about the impending mess and risks described in Operation Yellowhammer.

Mr Opperman, who says he voted for a deal and believes Boris Johnson can get a new one, supports the party line no matter what.

He tells us he supported Remain but that we must now support the 'will of the people' and leave the EU.

Even support for a form of Brexit should not erode the sovereignty of parliament.

It was already worrying that Mr Opperman followed Theresa May's policies, including the idea that she alone should have power to invoke article 50 without the need for parliamentary consent.

Recent events in the House of Commons were disgusting. Boris Johnson insulted the memory of Jo Cox and

has no shame on employing divisive dialogue in order to fuel up the masses.

It is of little use to send messages to Mr Opperman's office which simply dispatches a one size fits all standard response.

Hexham constituency and its people deserve better that this. Brushing aside complaints about Boris Johnson's sexist language is one thing; ignoring violations of rule of law is another.

This is stuff of dictatorships.

Will Guy Opperman stand up for democracy and the sovereignty of parliament now?

Brexit is a mess. The promises made by Vote Leave cannot be delivered without major downsides.

In a democracy, people can change their minds as new facts emerge.

The country should have a people's vote. Let our voices, which are being silenced by MPs, be heard again.

Jayne Hamilton