THERE was no chance this year’s Allen Valleys Folk Festival was going to be Dalek free, given all that has gone on in the village this year.

And the Dalek-wolf that took centre stage as it burnt in the village square on Saturday was a spectacular sight.

This year’s festival engaged the whole community with Allendale Brewery’s first open day and free pub gigs alongside Hedgehog’s Skin’s Friday ceilidh.

Richard Price, of the Golden Lion, said: “The Allen Valleys Folk Festival injects a much needed boost to trade.

“The festival is still in its early years, but feels like its always been here. The amazing Allendale Wolf, created by three very talented local craftsmen, should be a must see on anyone’s festival list!”

King’s Head publican Dave Stevenson added: “What a great weekend. Allendale has again been turned into a bustling hive of energy as festival-goers and locals alike have been able to enjoy a range of music and events.”

Festival-goers from near and far loved the vibe of this year’s event. First time attendee Andrew Spalding said: “I loved it. Great atmosphere, very friendly, with top drawer music.”

Another reveller, Michael Porritt, added: “There were so many brilliant acts again this year. The quality of the music was breathtaking.”

And Allendale resident Kerry Crellin said: “St Cuthbert’s Church has to be the best venue. It has a beautiful interior, great acoustics and a warm intimate atmosphere.”

As the harmonies of The Unthanks closed the festival, guests were left wondering what next year has in store.