NORTHUMBRIA Police is calling on community-minded volunteers to help reduce speeding in their villages.

PC Lee Davison, who runs the force’s community speed watch scheme, attended the meeting of Corbridge Parish Council last week in the hope officers would be able to roll the scheme out in the village.

He explained that it would require a minimum of two volunteers, although preferably four to six, from the area to monitor speeds on the village’s roads at times of their choosing.

The scheme would see groups of two volunteers set up to watch at a designated spot and use measuring equipment to record the speed of passing vehicles. They would then make a note of any vehicles found to be speeding.

PC Davison explained that the majority of the roads they would be monitoring would be 30mph roads.

Councillors commented that a main benefit to introducing the scheme in Corbridge would be that it would act as a deterrent to speeding drivers.

Coun. Elizabeth Buckley said: “I think that everybody is now thinking that we need this and everybody has their own points of concern, but the first point is that we need to find the volunteers.”

Any interested volunteers were being encouraged to leave their contact details with Corbridge Parish Council.