CONCERNS have been raised about the lack of facilities for glass recycling in Hexham.

At last week’s meeting of Hexham Town Council, Coun. Mark Graham said: “It struck me that recently we have lost a glass recycling facility in the town – it has been taken away from the Maiden’s Walk car park.

“People are still taking glass there and leaving it.

“I’m pleased to say that I have spoken to the county council about that and that has been removed but what it leaves us with is one glass recycling facility in the whole town.”

Coun. Graham said there was also a facility at the transfer station.

But he pointed out that because it was more out of town, the glass recycling facility at Wentworth Car Park was now regularly overflowing as a result.

Chairman Coun. Bob Hull said Hexham Town Council would take up the issue with Northumberland County Council.