ON behalf of my wife, Carole, and myself I would like to express our gratitude to members of the police forces of Northumbria and Liverpool for their dedication and professionalism in finding our dear daughter, Katherine.

At every moment of the frightening and distressing hours and days when she was missing, we were surrounded by love and supported by prayer.

I want to say thank you for our many kind and thoughtful friends in the church and community of Hexhamshire, of Hexham, and across the North-East, and for the unconditional support of our G.P.

I am full of admiration for my daughther’s wonderful friends, our amazing children, and Carole’s marvellous colleagues, who took to social media in their search for Katherine and leafleted towns, stations and shopping precincts across the region.

I am especially grateful to people who went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us to find our daughter.

We have reasons to count our blessings. In this time of trial, there have been many moments of grace.

We hope and pray for Katherine’s recovery.