AN RSPCA inspector who led an investigation into a jailed North Tyne dog breeder has described the horrifying scenes she witnessed.

Inspector Heidi Cleaver led the investigation into Lynn Stoker (62) of Raw House Farm, Byrness.

Stoker was jailed for 21 weeks and given a £50,000 fine last week after being found guilty of a string of cruelty offences relating to over 100 animals.

Inspector Cleaver described the scenes RSPCA officials were met with, with dogs suffering from health issues, limited access to water, no comfortable bedding, and being seen to eat each other's faeces.

She said: "When we walked in to one of the back rooms of the house we were just surrounded by dogs – they swarmed around our feet.

"Others were kept in crates and cages – some stacked on top of others – while others were kept outside in dark, damp and cold kennels with no bedding.

"There were so many of them that only a handful of them had names.

"There were many health and medical conditions that were found in this very large group of dogs.

"The house was chaotic and noisy and there was nowhere for any of the dogs to escape from each other. Many of the dogs were confined to cramped training cages and had no choice but to toilet in their bed and living areas.

"There also did not appear to be enough water bowls for the number of dogs at the location, to ensure that they all had access to fresh water at all times."

"Many dogs were seen to eat each other’s faeces."

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