It was with interest and disappointment that I read Allendale Parish Council’s chairman’s comments as reported in the Hexham Courant regarding one of his parish council colleague’s objection to a particular recent planning application saying that: “The councillor who objected to this application objected to the sci-fi museum, the Dalek shed, and pretty much everything”.

Whoever Coun. Crellin was referring to, I consider his actions to be unethical, calls his integrity into question and also whether or not he is deserving of his position as chairman of the parish council.

Previous minutes of parish council meetings show his remarks are inaccurate, especially regarding the Allendale Science Fiction Museum and Dalek.

The councillor in question did not personally object to either of the above, but rather to the construction of a wooden shed which houses the Dalek and to the yellow bollards which were in place at the time between it and the footpath, sited at a listed building in a conservation area.

However, as is the duty of any parish councillor, she reported objections passed to her by other residents of the Allen Valleys, in this instance regarding the science fiction museum itself and the obstruction of the footpath by the police car/Tardis next to it.

Since doing so, she has been misinterpreted and misreported by more than one parish councillor and also by the press.

It is interesting to note that Northumberland County Council planning officers endorsed her objections.

Surely, if the authorities agreed with her, is it that other members of Allendale’s Parish Council did not understand the broader issue of planning rules and regulations?

If they had, they might have reached a more informed decision and agreed with her regardless of their personal opinions.