REPORTS of a man attempting to encourage children into a van in Hexham were a misunderstanding, according to Northumbria Police.

On Wednesday, parents were warned to be vigilant by schools and the police after an incident on Market Street involving a black Transit van.

It had been reported on Tuesday that two teenage girls had been left shaken after they believed a man had gestured for them to get in his vehicle.

Inquires were carried out and officers identified the vehicle involved.

After speaking to the owner, officers found that the interaction had been an "innocent misunderstanding". They discovered the male driver had been speaking to his own children on the Sele.

Neighbourhood Inspector Pam Bridges said: “This has been a genuine misunderstanding and was reported in good faith.

“We always advocate that concerns of this nature are reported to the police but in this instance I would like to reassure the community that there has been nothing untoward."