A WOMAN has chopped her locks to raise money and awareness for a cause close to home.

Eilidh Wise from Langley decided to support Group B Strep Support, a charity working to stop group B Strep infections in infants, after her four-month old son Peter was placed in intensive care after contracting Strep B meningitis and septicaemia.

“Me and my husband Richard almost lost Peter to this illness. If it hadn’t been for the quick-thinking and expertise of the midwives at Hexham hospital, this could have been a very different story.

“It’s a cause which I think is fairly unknown, so this my way of helping to bring it to people’s attention.”

So far Eilidh has raised more than £400 for the charity.

Eilidh’s hair was cut at Reflections salon in Hexham and donated to the Little Princess Trust which creates wigs for children and young people living with cancer.