THREE community projects in a Tyne Valley village have been boosted by funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

Groups in Haydon Bridge have used funding from the supermarket chain’s fund to pay for improvements to the village.

Approximately £8,000, spread across three grants, has been awarded to the Haydon Bridge Development Trust.

The development trust’s secretary, Peter Fletcher, said: “There were three grants. The first was used for work to the flower beds in the village.

“The second was used to pay for new village entry signs, and they’ve just had the lettering painted.

“The third, which was the biggest, was to put in new picnic benches, barbecues and a bin at the riverside.

“They all look great, everything has gone well.”

Haydon Parish Council also contributed some money to the projects.

The Co-op Local Community Fund helps pay for local projects that members care about.

Every time Co-op members shop at the store, one per cent of what is spent on Co-op branded products and services goes towards funding community projects in the area.

All money from carrier bag sales also goes to the fund.

Any organisation that is not run for profit can apply to be a local cause, with applications for the fund next open in Spring.