THE failure of politicians in this country is appalling. Boris Johnson professes that Pericles of Athens is one of his heroes. That makes sense.

Although Pericles spoke fine words for democracy, his support rested on a small minority of citizens, as the rest of Athenians were slaves.

A tiny handful of Tories decided that Johnson, who was already promising them Income Tax cuts – despite our infrastructure being a mess and food banks being relied upon – should be our Prime Minister. How democratic is that?

Many of us regard him as a dishonest, overgrown and not very moral schoolboy who is capable of risking thousands of his people.

His egotism will be ruinous and he is so much like Trump that it is terrifying.

Too many people are blinded by his flamboyance and the putrid worship of celebrity.

We have been subjected to cuts in essential services which will hardly affect him in his comfortable wealth, and his ministers now tell us that we shall not know the contents of "Yellowhammer" because it would lead to misunderstandings.

On the contrary, it will reveal the full extent of the mess we are in.

How odd that this government, which has for long withdrawn so much money from its people, and their safety and wellbeing, can find so much to spend on Brexit!

Our own local MP supports this man, as do many others who look to their careers in government and not to the good of the nation.

To opt out of Europe without any clear idea of what we are doing, except to know that we are breaking up an alliance that has kept the peace for so long, and begging Trump to help us out when such a man would gladly take us over in any way he can is madness!