PRUDHOE boxer Scott Westgarth, who died following the biggest fight of his career last year, has been honoured by his opponent who has dedicated his recently-won English Champion title to him.

Scott’s family met with Dec Spelman this week, who travelled from Scunthorpe to present them with the belt he won in Scott’s memory.

Scott (31) won an English eliminator bout against Dec last February, but later collapsed and died in hospital.

Dec made the decision to carry on with his career, and supported by Scott’s family, he went on to beat Kirk Garvey to the English light heavyweight title in May this year.

“It was the English eliminator when me and Scott fought and, after that fight, it could’ve gone very differently,” said Dec. “This was something I thought I really wanted to do if I was lucky enough to win it.

“I felt like it was something I needed to do.”

Scott’s brother Adam said he had been to every one of Dec’s fights since Scott died. Adam said: “Dec could’ve taken a different route after what happened after that fight, but he made the right choice and he really showed he cared about us and he supported us, so I feel like the least I can do is to support him by going along to his fights.

“Last year, he said ‘I am going to do everything I can and go after the English’ and he didn’t just fight for a vacant title but he fought the champion. It was definitely Dec’s fight and it was just great being there.

“Scott will always be a big miss every day and it’s still very hard, but this is just a little bit of closure in the sense people are still thinking about him and he’s not just forgotten about – Dec has won this title for him.

“Seeing Dec fight is obviously not the same as watching Scott, but being able to support him really helps us and I believe he can go on to win even bigger titles.”

Adam plans to frame the belt along with Scott’s boxing shorts and a photograph of Scott and Dec together.