A TOWN council is taking a stand against climate change.

At Haltwhistle Town Council’s meeting on Monday, Coun. Michael McGuire introduced a report he had prepared outlining what the town could do to combat climate change.

Coun. McGuire said: “Within 10 years I would like to see everyone driving electric cars. Homes and insulation is also a big thing.

“We’re all being encouraged to eat less meat, as raising animals produces methane, which is an issue. However, the fact that the farming in this area is mostly on land which won’t support plant-based food, particularly in the upland farms.

“My point is that we should increase the proportion of locally grown food.

“I understand that this is a very sensitive issue. I would like to do two things over the next six months or so.

“One is to form some sort of action list which we can put to the people in town and say these are the things we need to be thinking about doing.

“The second is, at the next town meeting we make it an event and try to get as many people from the town in to talk about it.”

The council agreed to form a working group to explore the issue and find more information about what can be done in the town.

The council’s chairman, Coun. Alan Sharp, added: “I like the idea. It will be an interesting debate for a future meeting.”

Coun. John Clark said: “We have to be seen to be doing something.”