Cumbrian MP Rory Stewart looks set to be expelled from his own Conservative Party after joining 20 other Tory rebels in defying Prime Minister Boris Johnson in last night's key Brexit vote.

A group of MPs from parties across the House of Commons put forward a motion last night demanding time to debate a change in the law which would pause Brexit until a deal with the EU was reached.

In total, 21 Conservative MPs backed the motion, which ultimately passed in last night's Commons vote.

Prior to the vote, it is understood the rebels were informed they would be expelled from the Conservative Party if they voted against the Prime Minster.

Now Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed his intention to put forward a vote to call a general election.

This is however unlikely to succeed, with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn stating he would only support a general election once a No Deal exit had been ruled out.

With the 21 Conservative rebels now having had the whip removed from them, and yesterday MP Philip Lee crossing the floor to join the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative Party now fall seriously short of a working majority in the House of Commons.