Proposals to allow visitors to use a caravan park all year round, have been rejected by councillors.

Blue Sky Resorts, which runs Heathergate Country Park caravan site in Lowgate, requested a change in an existing planning permission so guests could stay at the site whenever they liked.

At the moment, residents are prohibited from staying on the site in February.

Visitors to the site would not be allowed to use a caravan as their main address.

Two applications for the change were considered by councillors at Tynedale Local Area Council’s meeting last week. One application was for the original site and one was for the newer 39 pitches. Both were recommended for approval.

Planning agent Clive Cunio said: “This application would allow visitors all year round.

“They would be controlled by constraints that enforce that the caravans are not used as permanent residences.

However, councillors claimed there were already people living on the site all year round.

Coun. Cath Homer said: “It’s not a holiday park. The same people are there all the time. These people are living there.”

Coun. Derek Kennedy added: “If some people are living there now for 11 months of the year, I don’t think that is a holiday. I think that makes it their main place of residence. I propose that we refuse the application.”

Coun Ian Hutchinson said: “I would put a condition on that the register is looked at on a regular basis. People are staying there all the time because there is no enforcement.”

The application was refused by 10 votes to one.

A further application to create a permanent access to the site west of Lowgate was also refused.