MEMBERS of the canoeing community have paid tribute to their ‘slalom mummy’.

Lorraine Murray-Glendenning, an inspirational and encouraging coach at Hexham Canoe Club, recently died after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Since her passing, members of the club have said how much she will be missed at the club, particularly by the slalom team in which she spearheaded.

Her daughter Chloe said: “Talking about paddling is important as it was a huge part of her life, however it does not do her character justice.

“Lorraine was more than a coach, more than a mentor; she was a friend, a mum and she was never too busy to listen, help and support others.

“She will never be forgotten and she will always be the slalom mummy.”

Teenage canoeist Cameron Daly was full of praise too. He said: “She has taught us so much and, most of all, taught us never to give up and that trying your best is enough - it’s not just about winning, she would tell us. Thank you for believing in me, Lorraine.”

Fellow teen competitor Ryan Dodd added: “If a run or practice went bad and Lorraine was not at a competition with me, she was always on the other end of the phone giving me help, and support and words of encouragement.

“Lorraine believed that I could do things I didn’t believe I could.”

This sentiment was echoed by Lucy Cundell, who said: “Lorraine believed in every single one of us, that we could be amazing paddlers, and, from that belief, that is exactly what we became.”

Lisa Dando was full of praise for instilling a great deal of confidence and self-belief into her son, Edward.

She said: “She has given Edward the most wonderful opportunities to learn new skills for life and to build confidence in his own abilities. It’s difficult to believe that Lorraine is no longer with us.”

Edward said: “Since first joining the slalom team, Lorraine has helped, guided and supported me,” while Phil Allman added: “Lorraine was the most welcoming and friendly lady.”

Meanwhile, Mike Brennan, said: “I am immeasurably grateful for her unfailing support and encouragement, her kind words and insightful coaching tips, but, most of all, her friendship.

“When you feel that someone with so much knowledge and experience believes in you, it propels you forward with greater confidence.

“It was Lorraine’s gift for seeing the possibilities within others that made her such a fabulous mentor to paddlers young and old.”