ON the back of a partnership with one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, a business specialising in children’s furniture and play equipment has been born.

Creating Classrooms, based in Hexham Enterprise Hub, has brought Haba products to the UK market after being approached by the global giant to stock its goods.

Haba is the leading manufacturer in its native Germany, other parts of Europe and America, but has yet to make its mark in the UK.

The company approached Hexham couple Matthew and Colette Giaretta who had worked with Haba on a number of projects across the globe through their successful design firm, Feelgood Designs.

With backgrounds in education, they were very interested in branching off into providing furniture for classrooms and education areas in the likes of shopping centres, hospital waiting rooms and airports.

Matthew said: “What the partnership between Haba and Creating Classrooms allows us to do is present something for every budget. Every nursery can’t afford some things, but can afford something.

“There are three packages available for everything so there’s something that will fit their needs and there is the guarantee it will be top quality.

“There is a catalogue of items, but we can also tailor things to suit people’s needs. It’s not about telling children what to do, it’s all about encouraging them to use their imaginations and what they can bring to life.”

Since starting Feelgood Designs 12 years ago, Matthew and Colette have gained an international reputation through work in places such as Abu Dhabi, New Jersey and the Bronx.

And they are hopeful the creation of Creating Classrooms can help the company grow, and create more employment in the Tyne Valley.

Matthew said: “We are based here in Hexham and it’s really important to us, and we’re proud, to be a North-East company.”