WARNING - some viewers may find footage shown in video distressing.

THE RSPCA has released video footage of cramped conditions scores of dogs were forced to live in by a dog breeder found guilty of animal cruelty charges.

Lynn Stoker (62), of Raw House Farm, in Byrness, was found guilty at South East Northumberland Magistrates' Court on Thursday of 11 charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, four counts of failing to ensure an animal’s welfare needs were met and one application for animals to be given to the RSPCA.

She had denied all charges but was found guilty after a four-day trial.

Animal charity, the RSPCA brought a private prosecution against Stoker and has released video footage and still images of the conditions animals were cramped in to in her Byrness home.

Magistrates were told that Stoker caused unnecessary suffering to animals by failing to deal with health problems such as chronic dental disease, hip injuries, and eye problems, and that she failed to provide the animals with enough water.

She is due to be sentenced at South East Northumberland Magistrates' Court on September 12.