THE Allendale Dalek will not be exterminated after county councillors voted to allow it to stay for a year.

At Tuesday’s Tynedale Local Area Council meeting, councillors overruled a recommendation from Northumberland County Council planning officers to refuse planning permission for a shed which houses a Dalek outside Allendale’s Museum of Sc-Fi.

In February, the county council issued the museum’s owner, Neil Cole, with a notice ordering him to remove the shed from his drive because he did not have planning permission to have it outside his Grade II listed home.

Mr Cole then applied for temporary planning permission for the shed for two years, but councillors agreed this week to give him one year.

Allendale Parish Council’s chairman, Coun. David Crellin, spoke in favour of the shed.

Coun. Crellin said: “This has attracted 2,000 visitors to Allendale. Neil and Lisa have done wonders in taking a dilapidated building and make it shine and be beautiful.

“I don’t think they should be punished for making one mistake, when the rest of the work is a credit to them.”

Allendale’s county councillor, Coun. Colin Horncastle, proposed going against officers’ recommendations by approving the application.

Coun. Horncastle said: “I don’t like going against officers, but in this case I’m going to propose that we do.

“If the Dalek isn’t there, it’s more than likely it would be the end of the museum.

“The applicant needs the two years. They’re looking at a stone extension to get through planning, but it would be expensive and take a lot of time.

“How many councillors here would like 2,000 extra visitors to their town? It’s something we desperately need in Allendale.”

A motion proposed by Coun. John Riddle, to reduce the length of time from two years to one, was passed by six votes to five.

Coun. Riddle said: “We must stress that this has not been about the sci-fi museum or the Dalek.

“The council is extremely supportive of and fully appreciates the value of small businesses and visitor attractions in rural towns like Allendale.”

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Cole said: “I think it was a compromise. I have to think of a different solution and I have a year to think about it. Hopefully the planning team will work with us now.

“That’s been the problem. There’s been no advice.”