A MOTHER is being faced with sending her two disabled children to different schools after her request for transport to Bellingham Middle School was rejected by Northumberland County Council.

Lindsay Davidson, from Kielder, currently sends her son Angus (11) to Bellingham Middle School and wants to move Robert (8) from Kielder First School – due to convert to a primary in September as part of a two-tier primary and secondary model – to the middle school in Year 5.

The council announced plans to remove home to school transport to Bellingham Middle School from next year. However, the family applied for the transport for Robert because of his disability.

The school remains part of the Haydon Bridge Partnership where a two-tier primary and secondary model has been introduced. Neighbouring first schools Bellingham, Wark, Kielder, West Woodburn and Otterburn will all convert to a primaries in September.

Lindsay wants to send Robert to Bellingham Middle School with Angus because of the better disabled facilities there.

She said: “I have obtained three different medical referrals which recommend Robert attends Bellingham alongside my request but it’s been rejected.” Lindsay is unable to provide the transport herself due to frequent visits to the hospital for treatment on a heart issue.

“There’s no wellbeing and medical consideration being taken here. The council are using the transport policy against disabled children.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We considered very carefully the position for families in the light of the future structure agreed for schools in the area. The council will continue to offer support and help all schools to maintain education provision in the village.”