A YEAR after a dog owner launched her own dog treat business, she has made the transition to grain-free products to tackle little-understood allergies many canines are experiencing.

Hannah Connolly set up the Snack Pawtal, based in Prudhoe, last year after learning of her own dog Oscar’s allergies and seeing how well-known branded treats were triggering his already itchy skin.

“I have now taken the business grain free,” she said “There are five recipes which have been tested and analysed and they are grain, gluten and dairy free which covers most allergies.

“Everything is free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and added sugar too. My own dog, if he eats oats or wheat, he scratches quite a lot and I know of a lot of others which are the same.”

A network of stockists across the North-East now sell Hannah’s treats which are handmade in Prudhoe, and she now has online orders coming in from across the UK.

In addition, she will shortly be launching a range of sustainably-sourced Icelandic Fish treats which are caught and dried in Reykjavik. This will make her the only supplier of the product in the North.

Hannah said they are a healthy and safe alternative to rawhide products. “They’re from a small family owned business over in Iceland and it’s all sustainably sourced and caught in the wild, not through farming, and they are 100 per cent fish with no fillers which you would find in the big brands.”