A WOMAN has completed the unusual feat of swimming in 16 lochs in 24 hours – with her dog.

Glynis Brown, from Gunnerton, was joined by two friends and their Leonberger dogs as they set out to swim in various Scottish lochs, raising a total of £2,500 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

In preparation for the fund-raising swims, Glynis examined maps of Dumfries and Galloway to work out which order to swim the lochs.

She then visited them a week before the swim, to assess conditions and access points.

Glynis said: “We saw many people on our journey who were all really supportive of what we were doing, but also shocked that the dogs were also taking part.

“The swimming conditions were good to start off with, and the dogs seemed to swim for longer than us.”

A change in the weather and restricted access routes didn’t deter the group though as they raced against time to complete the 16 swims.