A COUPLE say they have lost all their privacy after a bus stop was installed outside their property.

Steven Brown and his wife Christine have complained that school children on double decker buses are able to look in the windows of their living room and bedroom since a bus stop was put outside their house on Innerhaugh Mews in Haydon Bridge.

Speaking at Haydon Parish Council, Mr Brown said: “We’re not opposed to a bus stop, just not next to our property.

“We have lost our privacy. Our property has probably lost value.

“The perfect place for it is 40 metres west, past the 30mph signs.”

Mrs Brown added: “We had no communication, no consultation or anything. How many of you would like that outside our window?

“I work at the school, I don’t want those kids looking into my bedroom or living room.”

The council’s vice-chairman, Eileen Charlton, explained that there had long been a demand for a bus stop near the estate.

She said: “It’s been requested for so long the county council have probably thought, we’ll just do it and keep them happy. If it was further up the road there would be enough room for a shelter.”

County councillor Alan Sharp said he had arranged for the bus stop to be moved. He added that he had asked the bus company to stop using the bus stop until it was relocated.