PEOPLE who had never picked up a ukulele before ended up performing Twist & Shout and Wild Thing after just an hour’s tuition.

Others gave the penny whistle a whirl and later African drumming, with great gusto.

All the while, children played tag and scrambled over the crags in the field next door and a legion of adults, spread out on picnic blankets, passed the time of day with family, friends and neighbours in the most idyllic of settings.

Welcome to 13th annual Redefest, the music festival that has turned the clock back to more innocent, family-friendly times.

Besides those workshops led by Ian K. Brown, Maggie Feeney and Simon Wood, there was performance poetry from The Unexpected Poet, David Roe, tales from Storyteller Jim and crafts sessions courtesy of Susan Kelly.

And lashings of music as diverse as it comes. From the funky Whippet Beans to the Hair of the Derg rockers to party dance band Takahaad to the ethereal and magical music produced by Simon Wood on instruments called ‘hangs’, something akin to oyster-shaped steelpans.

Co-founder and organiser Red Kellie said: “We had about 700 people just on the Saturday alone, but now the Friday night, which used to be a locals’ night, is becoming really popular too.

“We have camping facilities, so people are coming along to make a whole weekend of it, so it’s nice seeing the festival develop in that way.

“Redefest has always been about a really eclectic mix of music and activities and there is always such a good atmosphere. People have fun.”