ALLENDALE LIONS has appointed a new president – although she’s something of a familiar face.

Margaret Stonehouse has taken over the role from Nigel Baynes, who held the position until June.

Margaret is no stranger to the Lions, having previously served as president in 2004.

The club was established in 2003 and currently has 21 members.

In those 16 years, it has raised more than £120,000 for charitable organisations, mostly in the local area.

Margaret was keen to keep that impressive record going.

She said: “We’ve given money to just about every group in Allendale.

“They’ve all had money from us in some way or another, sometimes to help them keep going and sometimes for specific event.

“I’m trying to be useful in the community.

“We’ve raised an awful lot of money and we’ll be continuing with that. The trick to do that is to try and find new ways to raise money.

“Our biggest fund-raiser is the auction which takes place on October 5.”

Allendale Lions Club is a member of Lions Clubs International. Lions clubs around the world meet the needs of a growing number of communities.

There are now 1.3 million Lions club members spread over 205 countries.