I HAVE to wonder if all the Tory voters in Hexham are as comfortable with our new PM as our MP Guy Opperman seems to be.

Boris Johnson has made appalling homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and sexist comments.

He has unelected advisers already “in contempt of Parliament”, and has filled his cabinet with MPs who have been forced to resign for breaching Ministerial codes and MPs who have been employed or supported by unaccountable lobbying firms and so-called ‘Think Tanks’ funded by disaster capitalists and climate chaos enablers.

This is not conspiracy theory, but all information in the public domain.

And, remember, this kakistocracy apparently has Opperman’s “full support”.

Now, as £3.5m from the EU meant to alleviate child poverty and homelessness is set to be returned unspent by the Tories after six years, the Government will be spending £10m of taxpayers’ money on leaflets to prepare us for a no deal Brexit – something which they assured us before the referendum three long years ago, was neither desirable nor likely.

No deal will be bad for all of us but devastating for the most vulnerable.

Is this all ok with you Hexham Conservative voters? Is this who you are?

What next – return of the death penalty? Restrictions on women’s reproductive health care to placate the funders in USA?

You’re clearly happy to see your NHS being parcelled up and sold off to the vultures in ‘American healthcare’.

Are you also happy with environmental protections and workers rights being ripped up?

This on top of the last 10 years of austerity.

I think decent people, knowing the truth, would find all this abhorrent.