A TEENAGER who fell 30ft at a waterfall was counting his lucky stars this week after escaping with only a broken wrist.

Harry Weatherhead from Corbridge was making the most of the hot weather at Crammel Linn waterfall, near Gilsland, with friends last Tuesday when he slipped, falling on to rock ledges before plunging into the water.

The 17 year old was flown to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle after a four-hour rescue operation involving two mountain rescue teams and paramedics.

He spent three nights at the hospital while staff determined the extent of his injuries. 
Speaking to the Courant this week he said: “The first day and a half in hospital I was fearing the worst because I couldn’t move at all. 

“I just lay there motionless.”

However, staff were amazed to discover that all he had suffered was a broken wrist and bruising. 

“As soon as I got the X-ray scans back, I suddenly felt better as I knew there wasn’t any serious damage.” 

Harry said he had been jumping from a low level into the water by the waterfall, but then decided to leap off the rocks from higher up. 

“As I went to jump off the rock, a large wave of water hit the rocks and I slipped as I jumped off,” he recalled.

“At first, I had so much adrenaline from the fall it felt like I just had a dead leg.

“I managed to swim out the water with the help of my friends and lie down. 

“I didn’t initially feel any pain. But when I went to stand up, I realised I couldn’t move.

“The sheer pain kicked in and I knew I needed medical help. 

“I thought I had done something to my pelvis or shattered a hip because the whole right side of my body was messed up.”

The accident also came as a shock to Harry’s parents who were away for the night. 

“When they found out, they were worried sick and rushed to the hospital straight away,” said Harry.

Earlier this week, he staged a remarkable recovery to travel to Ireland for a family holiday.

Harry added: “All my friends were really supportive when they found out I wasn’t in a good way after the fall. 

“I’m lucky because it could have been a lot worse considering how high I fell.”